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  The advantages of the Wangman conveyor and sorting line are: ①It can sort goods continuously, in large quantities and stably; ②It has a very low sorting error rate; ③The sorting operation basically realizes mechanical automation and unmanned operation; ④The structure is simple and It is easy to maintain; ⑤ The energy consumption is small and the cost is low; ⑥ The distribution speed is fast, with a high accuracy rate, and it also improves the sorting of the distribution link; ⑦ It can improve work efficiency and effectively reduce missed detection and wrong areas. ⑧It can save labor; ⑨The operation structure has been diversified, and it can be used in combination with the process of loading and unloading, sorting, quality inspection, assembly, packaging, etc.; Continuous work in harsh working environments.

  The Wangman conveyor sorting line will unload all the goods in the shortest time, and then quickly and accurately classify the goods according to the owner, variety, storage location and delivery location of the goods; and then transport these goods to the designated shelves, The shipping station or the processing area and other venues; then the automatic sorting system can accurately find the location of the goods to be shipped from the three-dimensional storage system at the fastest speed and in the shortest time. The goods of different quantities are taken out from different storage positions; finally, they are transported to different tally areas or distribution platforms according to the different distribution locations for loading and distribution.