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Courier Express Postal(CEP)

  The normalization of the new crown epidemic has promoted the explosive growth of e-commerce and express delivery industries. The consumption upgrade represented by new retail has caused a surge in the demand for transportation and sorting systems in many commercial logistics centers. With the arrival of the intelligent manufacturing process, more and more enterprises are beginning to build advanced digital workshops, and the logistics system is the hub connecting the intelligent factories of the enterprise. Introduced in large numbers. The changes in the above industries have jointly promoted the accelerated development of the logistics equipment industry in the direction of digital intelligence and flexibility, that is, making production more intelligent and making consumption more convenient. In the planning of intelligent logistics system solutions for life scenarios, standardized and modularized conveying and sorting equipment has become the general trend.

  At present, the conveying speed of the i-G5TM series can reach 120m/min to ensure the efficient operation of the platform. Thanks to the standardized module components, the installation and commissioning efficiency of the fifth-generation products is increased by 38%, the operation and maintenance time is saved by 50%, and the troubleshooting time is saved by 80%. In addition, the professional i-Selection intelligent selection system can help users quickly complete the integrated planning of the system, and the project delivery time is nearly doubled, satisfying all users' imaginations about speed.